Unethical Business Practice; RMDs; Client Lessons Learned

Climate Change; Risk Management; Credit Lending Measures; What Happens When a Bank/Firm Fails?

Host Chris Boyd, CFP®, and Marketing Director Cathi Ingersoll discuss climate change and its potential impacts, along with getting into risk management when it comes to finding your financial advisor.

CIO Brian Regan, CFA®, gives an FOMC meeting update and talks about what it means for future interest rates, inflation, and recession concerns. The team discusses credit lending measures, the importance of credit, future anxieties of the banking system, and the logistics behind a failed bank/investment advisory firm.

Demographics with Ken Gronbach; Tax Strategies

With a global population size of 8 billion people, what are our current challenges and what will we contend with at current population rates? We are joined by Ken Gronbach, a demographer, futurist, and CEO/founder of KGC Direct, LLC, to discuss how demographics affect economies at large and the implications for America and other global nations. Ken shares perspective on the changing dynamics within generational shifts that will affect immigration, labor, real estate, manufacturing, and more.

His book: Upside: Profiting from the Profound Demographic Shifts Ahead

Website: https://kgcdirect.com/

As tax season is upon us, Chris shares input on tax strategies and rules of thumb related to tax returns and IRA/401k contributions. Within certain tax brackets various benefiting strategies can be implemented in a tax plan.

Recent Bank Failures, Market Response, CPI/Fed Expectations

CEO Chris Boyd, CFP®, and CIO Brian Regan, CFA®, talk about what happened with the recent bank failures, the logistics behind Federal Reserve and FDIC actions, lessons investors should take, and the market’s response to all of this. They discuss how these events will affect CPI and Federal Reserve expectations at the March FOMC meeting with regard to interest rates and combatting inflation moving forward.

Medicare Reform Pt. 2; How to Evaluate Your Financial Advisor; Massachusetts Heraldry

Chris and Jeff continue their conversation on Medicare reforms that are being proposed by the Biden Administration. They discuss how Medicare is struggling in keeping up the ability to pay out premiums coming out of payroll taxes, what the government is doing about it, and how it will affect today's demographic currently using Medicare.

Evaluating financial advisors is challenging, especially when there aren't easy numbers you can use to measure their performance. So what should you be looking at? Chris and Jeff cover some key questions you should consider asking your advisor.

We are joined by past guest Kevin Doyle to discuss the meaning behind Massachusetts heraldry. He explains to us the significance, controversy due to the lack of understanding, and the symbolic references behind the Massachusetts coat of arms.

Market Conditions/Economy; Social Security & Medicare Reform

Hosts Chris Boyd, CFP®, and Jeff Perry, JD, are joined by AMR CIO Brian Regan, CFA®, to discuss recent market movements in relation to Fed Chairman Jerome Powell’s comments to congress. We’ll discuss what his comments reveal about current/future fund rates and what it means for inflation and the economy ahead.

Social Security and Medicare reform can be considered a politically dangerous discussion. Chris and Jeff talk about the reality of minimized social security benefits, Medicare reform proposed by the Biden administration, and the importance of political decision making for both.

Boston (band) Bassist Tracy Ferrie; Portfolio Positioning & More

Chris and Jeff are joined by Tracy Ferrie, Boston (band) bassist and worship pastor at Covenant Community Church on Cape Cod. Tracy tells us about his journey picking up the bass and how he became a musician for several artists/bands like White Cross, Rebecca St. James, Sonic Flood, Plumb and Stryper. He shares his personal life experiences that led him to Cape Cod, ministry work, and much more.

Chris and Jeff discuss recent lessons learned from a client example and get into overweight legacy positions in single companies or industries and tax topics.

SECURE Act 2.0, 529 Plans, Roth; Will there be a Recession?

CEO Chris Boyd, CFP®, and IAR Jeff Perry, JD, review AMR’s Financial Planning webinar on the SECURE Act 2.0 and give updates on Something More as Chris takes back the host seat for the week.

Chris and Jeff talk about 529s and Roth plans - some of their recent changes, tax implications, and strategies for use.

CIO Brian Regan, CFA®, joins to discuss the economic future and answers a popular question - Will there be a recession? The team brings up relevant economic factors to consider when answering this big question.

Geopolitics & Markets; Investment Ratios; Preparing for Retirement

Host Jeff Perry, JD, is joined by Chief Investment Officer Brian Regan, CFA®, to talk about geopolitical tensions with China and the Ukraine/Russia war and how it plays into effect on markets. Brian shares his macro perspective and explains how a prolonged war can change his investment thesis for 2023. Jeff and Brian discuss how to get comfortable with being a long-term investor.

Brian defines and educates us on common investment ratios, shares his opinions on what worth they have to the individual investor, and gives a few reasons why relying solely on P/E ratio can be misleading.

AMR’s Lead Financial Planner Scott Birmingham, CFP®, joins to discuss the importance of a couples money day, things to consider when preparing for retirement, inflation effects on spending, forming a proper estate plan, and more.

SECURE Act 2.0 Webinar Info; Money Issues in Relationships

Host and IAR Jeff Perry, JD, is joined by AMR’s Marketing Director Cathi Ingersoll to present AMR’s upcoming Financial Planning webinar “SECURE Act 2.0 - 5 Most Important Takeaways.” AMR’s team of advisors will provide important takeaways for how this Act affects retirement savings and more.

Jeff is joined by AMR Wealth Advisor Jeff Tomaneng, CFP®, to discuss the most common problem in relationships related to money. Tomaneng talks about money values and the value of good financial communication within couples. The Jeffs then get into the benefits of having joint accounts with your spouse, but a reluctance for shared purchases and accounts for unmarried couples.