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Ask Todd: Gifting assets is more complicated than you think

Who benefits from the Massachusetts tax relief package?

Paul Lane and Marc Fandetti discuss how much savings Americans have left. Who benefits from the latest proposal from Massachusetts lawmakers? Sarah Foster stops by to chat about all the options student-loan borrowers have to alleviate their payment burden. Buy now, pay later plans seen more among 'fragile' consumers. Senators unveil bipartisan funding deal to avert a government shutdown. Jobseekers facing fake postings show trouble with JOLTS report. How much coffee is too much coffee?

Is the FTC wasting time and money suing Amazon?

Paul Lane and Marc Fandetti discuss stocks slumping further, with Amazon lawsuit adding recent pressure. The FTC is suing Amazon, alleging illegal online-marketplace monopoly. Massachusetts lawmakers unveil $1B tax relief deal. Todd Lutsky stops by for Ask Todd, where he answers your most important estate planning questions.

Understanding how to budget for retirement travel

Mike Armstrong and Paul Lane discuss auto CEO's make 300 times what workers make. Commercial real estate's next big headache is spiraling insurance costs. Your winter holiday travels may finally cost less this year. Many business owners would love it if you stopped using your credit card. ChatGPT can now respond with spoken words. The people behind pickleball are trying to fix the noise.

Could the Fed raise rates to 7%?

Mike Armstrong and Paul Lane discuss US consumer confidence fell again in September. Senate nearing bipartisan bid to avert a government shutdown. US risks its top credit rating with shutdown, Moody's warns. Americans finally start to feel the sting from Fed's rate hikes. Jamie Dimon warns 7% Fed rate still possible. Only richest 20% of Americans still have excess pandemic savings. Teetering China property giants undercut Xi's revival push.

Why America has a long-term labor crisis

Mike Armstrong and Marc Fandetti discuss why America has a long-term labor crisis. Lawmakers warn that US is heading for a shutdown as budget talks stall. The child-care cliff is upon us. Should you take a lump sum payment or stick with the montly pension payments? The IRS wants its cut of the profits from ticket resellers. DoT spending $1.2B on fixes to the US rail system.

US economy can withstand one major problem, but four problems at once?

Mike Armstrong and Marc Fandetti discuss the agreement between Hollywood writers are studios that was reached. US economy can withstand one shock, but four shocks at the same time? Why are tech stocks down? Bond yields are way up. Where does Boston rank on least and most renter-friendly cities list? Even a booming economy can't save Atlanta's office market.

Americans spent $71B shopping on social media

Mike Armstrong and Marc Fandetti discuss how a government shutdown would impact today's inflation battle. Ted Rossman, Bankrate Senior Industry Analyst, joins the show to chat about how much money consumers are spending on impulse buys on social media sites. Real Estate crisis triggers new alarms over China's shadow banks. McDonald's to raise royalty fees for new franchised restaurants for first time in nearly 30 years. Olive Garden owner is snubbing short-term discounts to build its brands for the long haul. Paul LaMonica stops by to chat about Chewy's recent activity and the boom in the pet care business.

Why is the Fed ignoring historical data?

Mike Armstrong and Marc Fandetti discuss rising bond yields, interest-rate worries drag stocks lower. US 10-Year jumps above key 4.5% level in post-fed bond rout. When rates drop, they usually plunge. The Fed thinks differently. UAW targets 38 more facilities at GM and Stellantis for expanded strikes, but skips Ford. What is the biggest threat to the US economy? Biden has a plan B for student-loan forgiveness. Amazon's new challenge: Bargain retailers that are playing a different game.

What is getting in the way of a soft landing?

Mike Armstrong and Paul Lane discuss the Fed's dream of a soft landing is facing a triple threat from the UAW strike, government shutdown, and restart of student-loan payments. Michael Santoli, CNBC, joins the show to chat about the biggest threat to economic growth in 2024. The rise of surge pricing 'it will eventually be everywhere'. Amazon makes Alexa chattier and more capable using generative AI. Parents are hiring motherly concierge services for their college students. McDonald's sued for 'severe burns' from spilled coffee, again.