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How are Americans feeling about the economy today?

Nvidia's success is a problem for the stock market

Paul Lane and Marc Fandetti explain why Nvidia's success is the stock markets problem. SoftBank founder laments selling Nvidia back in 2019. Home prices hit record high in May as sales stall. At Target, store workers become AI conduits. China has spent at least $230B to build its EV industry. Europe has a new economic engine: American Tourists. Hackers auction off stolen Lending Tree consumers' data.

How expensive will it be to stay cool this summer?

Chuck Zodda and Marc Fandetti discuss how impactful the summer heatwave is on our wallets. Where are home prices far outpacing paychecks? Why are Americans not buying more EVs? Months after telling advertisers to 'go F themselves', Elon Musk pitches advertisers to return to the platform. Did McDonald's ignite the food price war with the return of the $5 value meal?

Does Nvidia's rise mean we are in a bubble?

Chuck Zodda and Marc Fandetti discuss how Nvidia rose to be the most valuable publically traded company, and if their rise means we are in a bubble. The Bank of England declines to cut rates despite easing inflation. Boeing's CEO apologizes to MAX crash families and claims companies culture is far from perfect. Has the recent rally in treasuries erased losses from earlier this year? The US debt is on pace to surpass $56T in the next ten years.

People don't know what a recession really is

Mike Armstrong and Marc Fandetti wonder why so many people are confused by what a recession actually is. Central Banks expect to snap up more gold this year amid dollar pessimism. EV startup Fisker files for bankruptcy. What is a zombie mortgage? Socal Media influencers aren't getting rich, they're barely getting by.

Fed needs to cut interest rates sooner rather than later

Mike Armstrong and Marc Fandetti react to the May retail sales report that came in weaker than expected. Does the Fed need to cut rates sooner rather than later? Boeing CEO calls culture 'far from perfect' as a new whistleblower surfaces. '529' plans are getting a lot more flexible and useful this year. McDonald's to end AI drive-thru test with IBM.

Corporate Tax rates are taking center stage ahead of the election

Chuck Zodda and Mike Armstrong discuss how much money is at stake if corporate taxes get lowered and where the US sits among developed nations on taxing corporations. Why didn't China's stimulus kick start the housing market? Should the DOJ prosecute Boeing over fatal crashes? How to manage retirement savings during a high interest rate cycle. Will Biden reopen the US gas stockpile? Why is congress unable to solve the Social Security mess?

Could some relief be on the way for home buyers?

Chuck Zodda and Mike Armstrong discuss why the Fed can take time taming inflation. Why are big bond rally is promising help for home buyers. Why condos are seeing a big spike in insurance costs. What did Wells Fargo do to cost itself over $10M per month? Pixar strikes big at the box office with 'Inside Out 2.'

Is recession worse than inflation?

Chuck Zodda and Mike Armstrong discuss how expensive it is to insure EVs. Boeing investigates quality issue on undelivered 787s. Is recession worse than inflation? Hurricane season begins with a deluge in Florida. Are insurers ready? Can crypto stave off a US debt crisis? Paul LaMonica joins the show to chat about Nvidia's stock split and the potential for extending the rally.

Why is the stock market rising without rate cuts?

Chuck Zodda and Mike Armstrong react to the University of Michigan consumer sentiment survey that came in much lower than expected. Why the stock market has risen even with no rate cuts. Elon Musk's pay victory removes cloud at Tesla, but fresh legal fight looms. Don't just set it and forget it when it comes to your money goals.