Howie Carr is a Boston radio legend, having held the mic at WRKO for more than 20 years. Today, he's a member of the National Radio Hall of Fame, and consistently ranked by Talkers Magazine, as one of America's top radio talk show hosts. He is also an award winning front-page columnist for the Boston Herald.





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Chopped Chumps - 2.23.24

Dr. Matt the Vet UNLEASHED: Cat Sneezes and Delayed Dog Puberty | 2.23.24 - The Howie Carr Show Hour 4

Every fourth hour of the fourth Friday of the month, Howie's and his listeners are graced with the presence of Dr. Matt Callahan of Ipswich Animal Hospital who kindly answers all pet questions free of charge. Tune in to have some common inquiries answered plus Howie's monthly conversation on CBD for dogs.

Don't eat the horse meat! Police Blotter Fax Friday | 2.23.24 - The Howie Carr Show Hour 3

Tune in to our most popular segment, Police Blotter Fax Friday, where Howie and his producer Taylor Cormier share the wild stories from across the country.

How the Fulton County fiasco proves good for Trump | 2.23.24 - The Howie Carr Show Hour 2

Sure, the chaos out of Georgia is good TV, but does it actually mean anything for Trump's chances this November? Howie breaks down exactly why the answer is Yes.

Trouble in Fulton County: Prosecution pulls out the pings | 2.23.24 - The Howie Carr Show Hour 1

It's over for Fani Willis and Nathan Wade, the anti-Trump lovers who canoodled and cashed out a little too hard in Fulton County, Georgia.

Meet the Experts: Giants of Political Thought with Mike Hassell and Crom Carmichael

Learn more about the Giants of Political Thought audio series:

Gemini AI, Richard Nixon and Christian Nationalists in Last Call with Emma Foley | 2.23.24 - The Grace Curley Show Hour 3

It's that time of week again! Emma Foley joins the show to share the stories that would otherwise go unmentioned, and this week, there's a viral story out of Google. The "politically correct" artificial intelligence, Gemini, has gone TOO FAR. It's rewriting history! Plus, tune in to find out Grace's favorite U.S. President and more.

WOW: Jeb Bush defends Trump in WSJ | 2.23.24 - The Grace Curley Show Hour 2

Remember low-energy JEB! ? He's back with an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal that backs up Trump. Would you believe this if we told you back in 2016?

Cellphone data sinks Willis | 2.23.24 - The Grace Curley Show Hour 1

It looks like the lovers' narrative has crumbled after the release of a few late-night text messages. Grace shares Fani Willis and Nathan Wade's 4 A.M. back-and-forths, wondering if this distress will shake the nation's favorite couple.

Morning Minute: Nikki won't quit - 2.23.24

Tomorrow is the South Carolina primary, and Nikki is still in the race. We'll have to see how she fares figuring she's been polling double digits behind Trump for months.