Ed Lambert

Ed Lambert

Hey everybody, it's Ed Lambert! Listen every weekday morning as we discuss the most pressing issues on Cape Cod and across the country with you!Full Bio

Trump, The Fed

Cape Cod Canal Bridges

In the second hour Ed and listeners continue the discussion about the Cape bridges.

The Seaweed Blob, Cape Bridges

Ed starts the show talking about the seaweed blob heading towards Florida. Ed and Rob Woodward talks about the Cape Bridges.

Ed And Mike Armstrong Talk About Recession Fears And More

In the third hour we continue our discussion about plastic bans. Ed talks to Mike Armstrong about Recession fears, Bank failures, Interest rates, Biden administration and more.

Covids Origin

In the second hour Ed talks about a sex offender working as a cook in Dukes county. Ed and listeners talk about the origins of Covid...are we being told the truth?

Plastic Ban Petition , Trump

Ed starts the show talking about the petition in Brewster and other towns to ban plastic utensils. We also discuss the latest on Trump's possible arrest.

Teacher Salaries

In the third hour teacher salaries continue to be the hot topic with Ed's listeners.

Cape Cod Transit Authority

In the second hour Ed talks to Thomas Cahir of the Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority about employment opportunities . Ed and callers continue the conversation about teachers.

Teacher Salaries

This morning Ed discuses a proposal by a state Rep.to increase teacher salaries.

Trump Arrest?, Drag Queens

In the third hour Ed talks about the possible arrest of Donald Trump. Drag Queen story hour in NYC hosted by a City Official.