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Ed Lambert

Hey everybody, it's Ed Lambert! Listen every weekday morning as we discuss the most pressing issues on Cape Cod and across the country with you!Biografía completa

Nantucket Summer Ruined

RNC Convention, Turbine Disaster

In the second hour Ed and listeners continue discussing the RNC convention. Ed talks about the Nantucket Turbine disaster.

It's free for all Friday

It's free for all Friday and Ed starts the show talking about President Trump and the convention. Ed also looks into the Cyber outage.

Ed Talks to Mike Armstrong

In the third hour Ed gets a convention update from Tom Hodgson. Ed also talks to Mike Armstrong. 7-17-24

The Nantucket Accident

In hour two Ed continues the conversation about the Nantucket Turbine Accident. Ed talks to Cliff Caroll who tells us about what could happen with future accidents. 7-17-24

Big Nicks Ride

In the last hour Tom Hodgson, Massachusetts Chair of the Trump Campaign called in to give us a convention update. Ed talks to Steven Xiarhos about this years Big Nicks Ride.

Ed Talks to Jerry O'Connell ,Turbines

In the second hour Ed talks to Jerry O'Connell who is running against Rep. Chris Flanigan. Ed and listeners continue talking about the Nantucket Turbine.

Nantucket Turbine Disaster

Ed starts the Show talking about the horrible situation in Nantucket due the wind turbine accident. The Nantucket beaches have been closed...for how long?

Turbine Accident, Closes Beaches

Ed starts the show talking about the wind turbine debris that has closed Nantucket beaches. Suzanne Conley ( Save The Beaches) calls in to discuss the turbine accident. Our beaches are being destroyed

Tom Hodgson At RNC Convention

In the last hour Ed talks to the Massachusetts Chair of the Trump campaign, Tom Hodgson who is at the RNC Convention. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr finally gets secret service protection.