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Migrants Reportedly Given "Fake" Pamphlets On The Way To Martha's Vineyard

There are new allegations that pamphlets given to the migrants at one point on their journey to Martha's Vineyard were actually fake!

Lawyers representing the migrants say the brochures were given to their clients by a vendor working on behalf of the state of Florida.

The benefits printed on the pamphlet are real, but the migrants that landed in Martha's Vineyard are not authorized to receive them.

And, the supposed Massachusetts state flag, which is also on the pamphlet, is obviously incorrect!

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis answered back saying allegations that the migrants were coerced to leave were "nonsense". The governor says the migrants that would up in Martha's Vineyard were originally found in parking lots around San Antonio, hungry and homeless, and that they volunteered for the trip up north.

A Texas sheriff announced he is opening an investigation into the incident, though he could not cite any laws that may have been broken.

Sources say Gov. DeSantis is vowing to continue to send more flights in the future.

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