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FDA Recommends Vaccination For Kids, Covid-19 Anxiety

Listeners continue to chime in on vaccines recommended for children above the age of 5, anxiety due to Covid-19, anxiety due to climate change, anxiety due to life itself etc.

Email from Bourne Public Schools Superintendent, Dr. Kerri Anne Quinlan-Zhou


A point of clarification - Bourne Public Schools teachers are not using Black Print teaching modules or participating in professional development with Black Print. A small team of administrators is participating in the MA Department of Education Culturally Responsive Practices Leadership Academy and members of the Black Print consulting group were hired by MA DESE to facilitate aspects of this academy.

The Bourne Public Schools reiterate what school leaders across the nation are saying in response to a vast swath of disinformation: Critical Race Theory is a specific doctrine that is not used, nor is it appropriate, in a K-12 curriculum. We do not teach it, but we are keenly aware that the phrase has been implied incorrectly as a dismissive way of referencing all diversity and inclusion training offered by public schools. To again set the record straight, as a district, we will continue to conduct diversity and equity training consistent with the best practices laid out by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) and will make use of state-approved vendors and professional development resources.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are very wide topics with many layers that we as educators very carefully navigate and consider prior to the implementation of a program in our district.



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