Secret Stump Foils Snowman Slayer

A ne'er-do-well in Kentucky with designs on destroying a giant snowman  by driving their car into the creation received a rude awakening when  they discovered that it was built atop a huge stump. The strange turn of  events reportedly occurred in the community of Petersburg this week after Cody Lutz and  his family crafted the massive figure out of some freshly fallen snow.  'Hugh J. Snowman,' as it came to be called, eventually stood nearly ten  feet tall.

The mighty snowman looming over Lutz's front yard proved to be quite the  attention getter as motorists passing by the sight the following day  expressed their appreciation for the creation by waving and honking  their horns. However, it seems that one yet-to-be-identified driver had a  different opinion of the piece and apparently considered it something  of a frosty monstrosity. Their 'critique' became apparent when Lutz  returned home from work on Monday and discovered tire tracks across his  yard indicated that someone had driven a fairly sizeable vehicle  directly into the snowman!

More on this odd story at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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