Reaction To A Divided Decision

Former President Trump's partial victory in the Supreme Court over immunity is sparking intense reaction from both parties. The Justices ruled 6-3 Trump has limited immunity in the federal election interference case for acts he took while in office. President Biden's deputy campaign manager says he's "scared" about what Trump will do. Possible Trump VP pick Ohio Senator JD Vance said it's a "massive win."

Congressman Bill Keating has not commented yet.

But Senator Ed Markey says that "We will not coronate Trump as a king." He made the case again to expand the US Supreme Court to, in his words "reclaim the two seats that were stolen."

Senator Liz Warren tweeted, "If Donald Trump were President, could he get away with telling the Justice Deparment to make up dirt to put his political opponents in jail?"

This will not impact his upcoming sentencing in his New York hush-money case, where the judge could send him to prison or home-confinement, keeping him off the campaign trail.

(Photo by Anna Rose Layden/Getty Images)

U.S. Supreme Court Issues Opinions As Term Draws To A Close

Photo: Anna Rose Layden / Getty Images News / Getty Images

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