Food Insecurity Hampers State, Area

A new report from the Greater Boston Food Bank says more people than ever before are facing food insecurity.

Overall, about a third of the state, one point 9 million people face some level of food insecurity.

Worcester County has about 38 percent of the people facing food insecurity as compared to Suffolk County where 45 percent face problems getting enough to eat.

48 percent of Hampden County is food insecure. 45 percent of Berkshire County. Hampshire and Franklin County each have 37 percent who are food insecure. Statewide the report says 51 percent of Blacks are food insecure.

The experts say that food prices are so high it is almost impossible not to be in the situation that many families are facing. And, they say that even though some are getting SNAP benefit assistance, that doesn't totally solve the problem either.

The lowest level of food insecurity is on The Cape where 20 percent of the people are food insecure.

(Photo by STRINGER/AFP via Getty Images)


Photo: STRINGER / AFP / Getty Images

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