Keating, Senators Seek Answers To "Pilgrim" Issues

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Massachusetts lawmakers want answers about evaporation at the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station which is being decommissioned.

Congressman Bill Keating and Senators Ed Markey and Elizabeth Warren have sent a letter to Holtec International asking about contaminants in the water and the rate of evaporation.

The company's initial plans to discharge one-million-gallons of wastewater into Cape Cod Bay was denied by regulators who said it would violate the Ocean Sanctuaries Act.

In the meantime, the water is evaporating and lawmakers want to know the possible effects on public health, ecosystems and the blue economy.

They are asking Holtec to answer their questions by the end of the month.

(Photo by LOU BENOIST/AFP via Getty Images)


Photo: LOU BENOIST / AFP / Getty Images

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