Airport Emissions Concerning For Commissioners

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Nantucket Airport Commissioners met on Tuesday, and a topic of discussion continued from the March meeting, of lead and its impact.

Nantucket ranked low in a 2013 lead impact study, and residents have expressed concern over the airport and its surrounding properties, from emissions that come from planes using leaded aviation fuel, also known as AVGAS.

Airport manager Noah Karberg said that the study came when the majority of planes flying in and out of Nantucket used AVGAS, but most planes now use unleaded fuel.

In addition, only about three thousand travelers fly in and out of Nantucket annually, far less than in previous decades.

Commission Chair Art Gasbarro says the board will look into the matter, nevertheless.

(Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images)

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Photo: Scott Barbour / Getty Images News / Getty Images

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