Nantucket Could See Changes To Short Term Housing Market

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A land use case on Nantucket could mean significant changes to the short-term rental market on the Islands.

Earlier this month, a Massachusetts Land Court judge ruled that a short-term rental may not be a primary dwelling's principal use in residential neighborhoods.

Such rentals, however, are permitted as an accessory, or secondary use on Nantucket.

The question is over the allowance of such rentals, within existing zoning regulations on Martha's Vineyard.

Property owners and real estate agents are concerned this could affect the short-term market, which is considered vital to Island economies.

Housing advocates have countered such rentals damage the year-round market.

Nantucket zoning officials must determine the nature of the relevant case by the end of April, and resolve the situation, if need be.

(Photo by LOIC VENANCE/AFP via Getty Images)


Photo: LOIC VENANCE / AFP / Getty Images

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