Senate Considers Migrant Housing Measure

The state Senate has unveiled a spending bill that seeks to address the migrant housing crisis.

The bill is similar to the one recently passed by the House that places a nine month limit on family shelter stays, with extensions possible.

The House and Senate measures have multiple differences that will need to be hashed out if the Senate passes its version today.

A key difference in the Senate bill is that it would allow the use of the 850-million-dollars in the state surplus escrow fund towards the migrant crisis.

Meantime, in a related issue, State Rep Steven Xiarhos is seeking clarification as to whether the state's Right To Shelter Law applies to everyone, regardless of residency or whether it applies just to residents of the state.

"The current situation with migrant housing and support is not just unsustainable and unaffordable, it’s unfair and unworkable – and downright dangerous," Xiarhos said.

He points to New York looking to change its Right To Shelter Law and wonders if this is the time in this state to do the same.

(Photo by Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images)

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