Thousands Join Forever Chemical Suit On Cape

More than 10-thousand individuals have joined in a lawsuit regarding exposure to P-FAS, or "forever chemicals."

More than 100 of these have connections to Joint Base Cape Cod, and involve the foam used to put out fires.

The chemicals have been linked to cancer, thyroid, and fertility issues. According to the Environmental Litigation Group, which is bringing the suit,

P-FAS cases are individualized but in the same court.

The organization says it receives hundreds of inquiries per month and hopes to go to trial in the next two years.

A spokesperson for 3M, one of the makers of such chemicals, says the firm is continuing its work to clean up P-FAS sites, but will defend itself if the case goes to court.

(Photo Illustration by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Nearly Half Of U.S. Tap Water Contains Forever Chemicals, Study Finds

Photo: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images News / Getty Images

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