Cranberry Season Good But Not Expected To Be Record Setting

It looks like the Massachusetts Cranberry crop is in good shape- thanks to the torrential rains that fell. Massachusetts provides about a quarter of all the cranberries sold nationally.

The Cape Cod Cranberry Grower’s Association says it is probably going to be in the range of 1 point 96 million barrels.

Each barrel is a hundred pounds. If that holds up it would be a one percent decline from the 2022 numbers.

For those who are looking to plan for their making of cranberry sauce, the harvesting will begin in the end of September.

Oddly enough, Massachusetts does not lead the nation in cranberry production.

It is actually Wisconsin that produces more.

Meantime, officials also say that farmers would have more options abroad for their products if the trade policies of the federal government were more advantageous.

(Photo by JOSEPH PREZIOSO/AFP via Getty Images)


Photo: JOSEPH PREZIOSO / AFP / Getty Images

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