Warren Group Says Sales Dpwn-Prices Increases

There were no real changes in the Massachusetts Housing report. The Warren Group says condo and single-family home prices remain at all-time highs. But the number of sales remains low compared to year-over-year data. July was off 23 percent this year over last. Overall sales are down almost 25 percent.

Statewide the median price of a single-family home is 610 thousand dollars.

Condo prices were up six percent to more than 550 thousand dollars.

Barnstable County Home sales took a dramatic drop according to the latest data from the Warren Group. The number of sales of single-family homes dropped by 26 percent. But the median price went up by about seven percent to more than 675 thousand dollars.

The same report says in the town of Barnstable the number of home sales were down 80 percent, but the median price soared 113 percent to one point 3 million dollars.

(Photo by JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images)


Photo: JIM WATSON / AFP / Getty Images

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