Town Meeting Previews For Falmouth, Chatham, And Dennis

In Falmouth, the town meeting there might be the quickest. There will only be seven articles. 

They are trying to keep all contacts to a minimum and for as short of period of time as they can. The budget is the top priority. 

Town Meeting members will also be asked to authorize the payments for eight new fire fighters that were approved during the town election. 

Meeting is set for the new turf field at the high school tonight at 6.

In Chatham they are trying to keep it short there as well. 

14 articles on the warrant. There are some budget issues to deal with. 

They are outdoors at Veterans Field at 6.

Meanwhile, officials are getting ready for tomorrow night's Dennis Town Meeting.

Tops on the agenda will be approval of the 39 million dollar budget. 

Residents will be asked to approve a transfer of land at Paddocks Path for a new fire station. There is a $1.1-million proposal to start that project. 

It's not all about the budget. An article recommends the town do what’s needed to be done to produce zero carbon emissions, but does not provide a specific timetable to get that done. 

It’s all at the Wixon School beginning at 5:30 tomorrow night. It will be inside of a tent and there will be social distancing.

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