Yarmouth Police Report On Drug Overdose Data From 2019

Yarmouth Police are out with a 2019 year end report on overdoses in the town. 71 overdose response calls last year.

That’s down from a high of more than 130 calls in 2017. 12 heroin overdose deaths last year. The high was also in 2017 with 15. In 2018 there were 9 deaths. 

Average age of a person in an overdose case is a person in their 30’s. Last year it was about 36 years of age. 

Last year in Yarmouth between police and fire and citizens, Narcan was administered 51 times. And Police Chief Frank Fredrickson says heroin goes for about 100 bucks a gram and the average user does it once a day but many more use a lot more 4 to 8 grams a day.

Heroin syringe needle with heroin and cocaine powder

Photo: Getty Images North America

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