Town Election Results

Big night for town elections. Megan Braga and Douglas Brown return to the Select Board in Falmouth. The turnout was pretty good. 24%.

Selectmen Peter Meier and George Slade return to the Select Board in Bourne. Turnout only about 10 percent there.

In Harwich Michael MacAskill wins re-election to the Select Board. Stephen Ford takes an open spot. 20 percent turnout there.

Mashpee Carol Sherman returns to the Select Board. Don Myers to the School Committee.

In Eastham---the voters approve borrowing 1 point 6 million dollars in order to buy the old driving range on Route 6. Another question allows the town to borrow a million dollars for a wastewater systems study. Just over 15% turnout.

In Brewster, everyone is talking about this one. A proposition 2 and a half override passes by a single vote. 520 to 519. Now four new positions, two firefighters, a program director at the senior center and a natural resource officer will be permanently funded.

Election Day: Polling place

Photo: Getty Images North America


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