Man Arrested In Wellfleet On Child Rape Charges

A 32 year old Connecticut man arrested in Wellfleet on child rape charges. 

Douglass Crossen waived his right to a rendition hearing. He is on his way back to Pennsylvania where he was wanted for aggravated child rape. 

Crossen's parents tipping off authorities that their son may be in town at a home they own. 

He will be back in a Massachusetts Court May 28th.



UPDATE MAY 30, 2019 4:37 PM

All charges against Mr. Crosen have been withdrawn.

A representative on Douglas Crosen, Jr's behalf offered the following statement:

"Mr. Crosen has always maintained his absolute innocence. We are happy that the evidence, including DNA, has 100% cleared him of any wrongdoing. Mr. Crosen looks forward to putting this episode behind him and is happy to have his good name cleared by the prosecutors after being falsely arrested and accused. The Crosen family hopes the Wayne County Prosecutors continue their investigation to find the real perpetrator."

Photo: Getty Images North America

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