Chatham Harbor Study Continues with Study Presentation

The Town of Chatham Department of Natural Resources will be hosting a presentation of Applied Coastal Research & Engineering, of Mashpee, regarding preliminary model findings as part of the ongoing study of Chatham’s east-facing shoreline.

The presentation will be held on Thursday, February 28, beginning at 7 p.m. in the downstairs large meeting room of the Chatham Town Annex at 261 George Ryder Road.

Applied Coastal, working in collaboration with the Center for Coastal Studies, will be presenting preliminary results of computer modeling of physical conditions within Pleasant Bay and Chatham Harbor associated with recent morphological changes. Specifically, the analysis focuses on changes to the inlet and barrier island system since the 2007 inlet formation.

Information related to morphological evolution of the shoals and channels also will be presented, with a focus on changes in water levels, current speeds, and tidal flow patterns throughout the system. The presentation will include annual aerial images of the Chatham shoreline that provide its evolution over the past decade, as well as bathymetric survey information illustrating ongoing channel and shoal migration.

The study, “Prioritization Assessment for Coastal Resiliency and Adaptive Management along Chatham’s East-facing Shoreline” is scheduled for completion in June 2019.

This work is jointly funded by Massachusetts Coastal Zone Management (under a Coastal Resilience Grant) and the Town of Chatham.

Pleasant Bay, Chatham


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