Plastics in Our Ocean Talk on November 29

From the Cape Cod Maritime Museum:

On Thursday, November 29, 2018 at 6:00 pm, in the Community Room at the Cape Cod Maritime Museum, Captain Sean Meagher will give a talk about plastics in our oceans. Having captained various vessels in various parts of the world from the South Pacific to the Arctic Circle, Captain Meagher will present an eye witness account and the science surrounding plastics in our oceans. Hear about his proposed solutions to one of the greatest plagues humanity has faced. You are encouraged to bring your questions and ideas!

Born and raised on Cape Cod, Captain Meagher has captained vessels ranging from search and rescue craft to state-of-the-art sail and power Mega Yachts, holding a USCG Master’s Unlimited Tonnage all oceans license for both sail and power boats. On Captain Meagher’s last command, the MY Latitude, he undertook three historic journeys. In 2014, he led Latitude through the Northwest Passage, east to west; in 2015, Captain Meagher led a second expedition through the passage, this time west to east, rendering Latitude the 9th boat in history to ever do so, for which Captain Meagher was awarded Boat International’s Voyager Award. And in 2016, Latitude again ventured north, circumnavigating Svalbard, an archipelago north of Norway, some 400 miles from the North Pole. Latitude is the only vessel ever to do this and was nominated for another Voyager Award. Captain Meagher subsequently brought Latitude to New Zealand and was nominated for a Boat International Design award for his extensive refit of Latitude. Through his travels, Captain Meagher has avidly pursued wildlife photography.

The Cape Cod Maritime Museum and Wood Boat Shop is celebrating its 20th anniversary of preserving, protecting and promoting the maritime history and tradition of wood boat building on Cape Cod. The museum offers permanent and rotating exhibits, interactive maritime-themed activities and a fine arts gallery. The Cook Boat Shop is a working exhibit space for traditional and contemporary wood boat building and includes restoration projects on historic Cape Cod water craft. The Historic Wood Boat Shed holds the only collection of all wooden boats native to Cape Cod. The museum is also home to “Sarah,” a Crosby catboat replica, and a gift shop featuring unique and beautiful maritime themed gifts, books and apparel.


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