Man Caught in Wood Chipper on the Mend

An update to a story we first reported on Friday.

The 31-year old Dennis Port man who was badly injured in a wood chipper accident in South Yarmouth is in stable condition and recovering from his injury at Cape Cod Hospital.

James Blaney got his left leg trapped in a wood chipper in the yard of a home on Highbank Road.

Two of his co-workers, Kevin McCarty, 30, of Concord and Nicholas Callahan, 29, of Dennisport, immediately called for help and placed the machine in reverse. Callahan removed his belt and used it as a tourniquet around Blaney’s leg, elevated it, and applied pressure. Both men kept the victim as calm as possible until Yarmouth Police and Fire personnel arrived

 Blaney lost most of his left leg but is good spirits and fortunate to be alive.

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