APCC Denounces Repeal of Clean Power Plan

The Association to Preserve Cape Cod has denounced the announcement by the Trump administration to repeal the Clean Power Plan and replace it with a policy that the APCC says will increase planet-warming carbon emissions that contribute to climate change.

The proposed policy change by the Environmental Protection Agency calls for individual states to be allowed to adopt their own rules for regulating emissions from coal-fired power plants. The APCC says this reversal in efforts by the EPA to regulate and reduce carbon pollution is, according to projections by some climate analysts, expected to result in up to 12 times more emissions of greenhouse gas over the next decade.

 APCC executive director, Andrew Gottlieb, says with this dismantling of the Clean Power Plan, the EPA is turning its back on its responsibility to protect the health of the citizens of this country. He adds it’s a shameful display of pandering to the special interests of the coal lobby at the expense of the environment.

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