Cats, Rabbit Rescued from Squalor in Fall River

The Fall River Police Department is expected to charge a 72-year-old woman with felony animal cruelty after 10 cats and one rabbit were removed from her home at 1318 Slade Street.  The woman was also removed from scene as the house was declared uninhabitable. Several dead cats were removed from the home as well.

The rescued animals are resting at the MSPCA-Cape Cod in Centerville.  The cats are underweight and infested with lice.  They also have severe ear, eye and respiratory infections—all conditions that are treatable with medicated baths and antibiotics. They will be available for adoption in several weeks and would-be adopters can email for more info about them.

 The lone rabbit has deformed front legs, possibly from living most of his life inside a small cage.  He remains at a nearby veterinary clinic to determine how best to treat his condition going forward.

Animals Rescued from Fall River Squalor

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