WXTK Better Health Report: Exercise and Inflammation

A new study shows that exercise may also make it possible for some people to be so-called “fat and fit”. One of the reasons obesity causes health problems is that fat cells produce inflammatory chemicals that wreak havoc with our health, leading to chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes.

Researchers from The Physiological Society in the UK recruited healthy young lean and obese adults for their study. The participants went through a 6 week exercise program with three, one-hour bicycle or treadmill running sessions weekly.

Their blood was taken before and after the 6 week exercise program to measure blood-forming stem cells that are associated with production of inflammatory chemicals. The results showed that exercise reduced the number those of blood-forming stem cells.

The researchers now want to find out if those changes can improve muscle function, what impact it may have on how fat is involved in energy consumption and storage in the obese and how it may have an effect on chronic conditions associated with increased inflammation.

You know, I think this research is important because weight loss is hard or even seems impossible for a lot of obese people, and they can feel discouraged about exercise, thinking since they don’t lose weight, why bother.

But we might find that even in the chronically obese it may possible to lessen the health risks of obesity with exercise alone.

This is Joan Trimble, wishing you wellness.


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