Keating Invites HSS to District to See H2B Shortage

9th District Congresman Bill Keating has sent a letter to Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, inviting her to the district to meet with small business owners whose businesses have been crippled by the Administration’s current H-2B policy.

Keating says the President and his Administration claim to be pro-American businesses, but their H-2B policy is cutting small business owners in his district off at the knees.  Keating says these business owners are attempting  to cope with their intense seasonal demand without a labor force sufficient to support them.

 The Congressman also requested that Nielsen use her authority to release additional H-2B visas beyond the 15,000 recently authorized. Keating says those 15,000 visas represent only about 30% of the workers needed across the country to keep American small businesses afloat.

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