Yarmouth PD's Call For Action

Yarmouth Police Department News Release:



Four weeks ago today, the shots rang out and Yarmouth Police K9 Sergeant Sean M. Gannon was brutally murdered and his K9 partner Nero was severely wounded.

 Despite our devastating losses, the men and women of the Yarmouth Police Department have stood strong and united in our commitment to Excellence in Policing and we appreciate your outpouring of love and support as we did everything we needed to do to honor Sean, take care of his family, save K9 Nero, and heal our wounds.

 In honor of this special day in the history of the Yarmouth Police Department and our Commonwealth of Massachusetts , we issue an official Call for Action to our friends and supporters located all over Cape Cod, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the United States of America, and the World.

 We have heard your pleas for change and your offers to help.

 Today begins our united push forward to improve the Training and the Treatment of Massachusetts Law Enforcement Officers and force the changes needed to the Massachusetts Criminal Justice System.

 Step one is Training.

 The need for professional Law Enforcement training is constant.

 We must restore and rebuild the drastically underfunded Massachusetts Training Budget for Law Enforcement Training.

 A bill has been filed that we bring us boldly forward.

 The bill is currently in the hands of these public servants.

 Help Us…

 Please let these people hear your voices!


 Amendment ID: S2481-7 Amendment #7

 Conference Committee on Ways and Means

 Senate Chair:

 Karen Spilka Karen.spilka@masenate.gov 617.722.1640

 Senate Vice Chair:

 Joan Lovely joan.lovely@masenate.gov 617.722.1410

 House Chair:

 Jeffrey Sanchez jeffrey.sanchez@mahouse.gov  617.722.2990

 House Vice Chair:

 Stephen Kulik stephen.kulik@mahouse.gov 413.977.3580

 Senate Ranking Minority:

 Vinny deMacedo vinny.demacedo@masenate.gov 508.224.6214

 House Ranking Minority:

 Todd Smola todd.smola@mahouse.gov 617.722.2100


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