Donkey, Pony Ready for Adoption in Brewster

If you’ve been saying to yourself, I think the time has come to add a donkey and pony to the family, you’re in luck.

A donkey and pony surrendered to the Animal Rescue League of Boston and cared for at its Brewster facility are now ready for adoption. The animals were discovered on a farm in Bristol County in January, outside when the wind chill was at minus 20-degrees, exposed to the elements without fresh water or diet and grossly overgrown hooves.

“Brighty”, the 11-year old gelded donkey, and “Misty”, a 16-year old mare pony, have been given a clean bill of health and are looking for a new home. Because of their close bond, they will be adopted as a pair.

For more information, call the Animal Rescue League Brewster facility at (508) 255-1030.


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