Cape Cod CDP Seeks Nominations for Two Annual Awards

The Community Development Partnership is reaching out to the community for nominations for two Awards presented annually to distinguished community members.

The 14th annual Gwen Pelletier Award for Excellence in Community Service and the 5th annual Norm Edinberg Award for Excellence in Entrepreneurship will be presented at the CDP’s 27th Annual Meeting on Thursday, March 29th at Karoo Restaurant in Eastham.

The Gwen Pelletier Award recognizes individuals, businesses, or organizations for their involvement and support for maintaining the economic diversity of the Lower Cape.

The Norm Edinberg Award recognizes an established Lower Cape business owner who has used CDP business and credit services, and who has an established community connection through social responsibility, environmental sustainability, as well as volunteer time or financial contributions.

The Community Development Partnership supports an array of programs that strengthen the Lower Cape community, providing greater opportunities for all who live there to thrive.


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