WXTK Better Health Report: Exercise and Dementia

The American Geriatric Society recently published a meta-analyis of 19 different studies that looked at the benefit of exercise in preventing dementia.

Overall, they concluded from this review that seniors who participated in aerobic exercise did better than those who split their time between aerobics and strength training.

When you think of aerobic exercise, don’t think that you have to work up a sweat running or dancing around like Jane Fonda.

Studies have shown brisk walking to be a very effective form of aerobic exercise. Just walk like you’re afraid you’ll miss your miss or plane. If you can do this 5 days a week, that would be great, but remember ANY exercise you get is beneficial.

I’d say don’t get too hung up on studies that say to do this or that. Find something you like that works for you.

And like I always say, if you feel unmotivated, just do it for 10 minutes. You might end up going for longer, but even if you don’t those 10 minutes can still make a difference.

This is Joan Trimble wishing you wellness.


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