Better Health Report: Help for Diabetics?

For people with diabetes who want good blood sugar control, one of the most burdensome aspects is simply the need to frequently check blood sugar, and that means needles.

But a new patch is under development that may eliminate the need for finger sticks and injections. Researchers have come up with a skin patch that uses pain- free tiny needles that can sense when blood sugar levels are rising and then release medication to lower those levels.

So far the patch has only been tested on 21 mice with Type 2 diabetes.  The patch under development releases a medication called Exendin-4, which is a GLP-1 drug.

I’ve talked about GLP-1’s before, which are very impressive because they lower blood sugar with causing weight gain,  a big problem with insulin.

Anyway, the patch is obviously in the beginning stages, but let’s hopes they’re able to adapt them for use in humans.

As an aside, whey protein has been found to act as  a GLP-1s in the body. I often recommend a high dose whey protein drink first thing in the morning to my diabetic patients. Just be sure to check with your doctor about whether you have good kidney function before trying it.

This is Joan Trimble wishing you wellness.


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