Dennis Fire Chief Mark Dellner on Today's Ceremony

The Dennis Fire Department, today, will swear in eight new firefighters. Dennis Fire Chief Mark Dellner tells WXTK News that the new firefighters, who must also be emergency medical technicians or paramedics, are the result of a $1.3 million FEMA grant.

Dellner says the 3-year grant pays 75% of the new-hire employment costs for the first two years and 35% for the third. The community picks up the total cost thereafter. For the grant to be awarded the community had to accept the terms and financial obligation going forward. Dellner says the plan received unanimous approval from the Board of Selectmen and Finance Committee and met no opposition from residents at a special town meeting on October 17. The swearing in ceremony, which includes filling an open EMT position, is the department’s way of thanking the community for its support.


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