Town of Barnstable Election Results 2017

They held an election in the Town of Barnstable on Tuesday and almost nobody made the effort to vote.

9.4% of Barnstable’s eligible voters decided a number of races for the town as well as two ballot questions although one was non-binding.

In Precinct 4, Britt Beedenbender won election to the Town Council over Michael Moynihan. That seat was available because Fred Chirigotis had served on the council for the maximum three terms.

Paul Neary Jr defeated Deborah Converse in Precinct 6 to take the seat vacated by Will Crocker.

In Precinct 12, Paula Schnepp defeated the incumbent, John Norman.

Amendments to the Town Charter got a thumbs up from those who voted. Among the changes voters approved will be appointing rather than electing the Town Collector and eliminating preliminary town elections.

The non-binding question was a proposal to have local government officials communicate with Governor Charlie Baker to ensure that the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station’s spent nuclear fuel rods be placed in secure dry casks and removed to a federal facility. That received overwhelming approval.


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