Osprey Chick Gets New Family

Osprey Feeding Chicks

Mother Nature huffed and puffed and blew the osprey nest down. Unfortunately, there was an Osprey chick in the nest when it tumbled down in Bourne on June 18. 

Fortunately for the chick, Bourne natural resource officer John Thompson happened upon the scene. He got in touch with Amy Webster, a Wildlife Rehabilitator at Wild Care, a wildlife emergency clinic based in Eastham. Webster was able to locate the crying chick, bring it to the clinic where it was treated for hypothermia and put on a feeding schedule. She then contacted the Yarmouth Department of Natural Resources where Sgt. Bill Bonnetti and Officer Timothy Parsons were able to find another Osprey nest that contained chicks about the same age as the orphaned chick being cared for.

They then placed the orphaned chick into the nest with the three other chicks and happily, it was accepted by the parents. To date, all four chicks are thriving.

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