Weekend's on WXTK


Weekends On WXTK Saturday


1AM- 6AM:    Coast To Coast W/ George Norry 

6AM- 7AM:    Retirement Road Map W/ SHP Financial 

7AM- 8AM:    The Legal Exchange 

8AM- 10AM:   Gardenline With C.L. Fornari

10AM- 11AM: The Cape Cod Real Estate Show/ Claudette Vickery

11AM- 1PM:    The Don Mckeag Show 

1PM- 3PM:      The Handyman Hotline W/ Larry Egan & John O' Rourke 

3PM- 5PM:      Something More W/ Chris Boyd

5PM- 6PM:      Garden Sense

6PM-7PM:       Safe Money Radio W/ Steve Anzuoni

7PM- 10PM:    The Larry Kudlow Show 

10PM- 12AM:  Somewhere In Time W/ Art Bell




12AM-1AM:  Somewhere In Time W/ Art Bell 

1AM- 5AM:   Coast To Coast W/ George Norry 

6AM- 7AM:   The Real Life Legal Exchange 

7AM- 8AM:   Spectrum

8AM- 10AM:  Garden Club W/ Paul Parent 

10AM-1PM:   Pat Desmarais 

1PM- 4PM:    The Kim Komando Show 

4PM- 7PM:     Money Talk W/ Bob Brinker

7PM-8PM:      ABC News Calls Perspective 

8PM- 10PM:              RMWorldTravel 

10PM- 12AM: When Radio Was 


Please Note:  Some of the above programming may be preempted depending on conflicting schedules of the following teams: Boston Bruins & New England Patriots 

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