Cape Cod Real Estate Numbers for May All Positive

Man and woman holding babies in front of house with sold sign and white fence

Barnstable County’s real estate activity for May show positive numbers across the board.

Register of Deeds, John Meade, says the volume of real estate sales for May of 2017 was up 8.9% from May of 2016 and the total value of sales was up 26.7% from the previous year.

The median individual property sale value was up 8.8% from a year ago with a 3.1% hike in the volume of mortgage activity from May 2016 levels.

For all of 2017 to date, Volume of Sales is up 4.8%, Total Value of Sales is up 10%, Individual Sales Value is up 6.6%, and Mortgage Volume is down 0.8%

All figures are for property sales valued above $50,000.

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