Yarmouth Chamber Of Commerce

As I'm sure you know, there are 15 towns on Cape Cod. And of course, that doesn't include Martha's Vineyard & Nantucket!

And in each of these places, there are a lot of events and happenings going on in town that they'd love to share with everyone!

We want to give them the opportunity to do just that...on Spectrum. So, we'll be inviting our local chambers of commerce to come in from time to time to talk about some of the great things happening in their towns and communities!

We're starting with the Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce, where the executive director, Mary Vilbon & marketing/communications/events director, Jenn Warner sit with Kevin Matthews to talk about some events they have planned from spring right through the fall!

In talking about the role of the chamber in planning community events, Mary Vilbon said...

"Chambers across the Cape do more than just help their local business members."

Grays Beach Boardwalk

Grays Beach Boardwalk

For more information on some of the great events happening in Yarmouth...visit yarmouthcapecod.com

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