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The Continuing Debate: Who’s Worse, Fauci or Birx?

BUCK: Let’s get into the latest here with covid. Dr. Birx, I was shocked to hear… I forget who it was that told me on the show, but we found out that according to Scott Atlas, Dr. Atlas, Dr. Birx was actually more of an iron-fisted covid authoritarian than Fauci was (impression), “Which that is very authoritarian, let me tell you. Fauci may be tiny, but those tiny fists may as well be gloved in a medieval mail or plate armor-like substance.” Fauci likes to say, “Just say do what I say or else,” and then it’s just, “Oh, no, it’s the committee! It’s the CDC. It’s ‘the science.’”

But Birx was asked this question; I thought it was so interesting. There’s been no accounting for what we now know to be 100% true, which is that the realities of the vaccine were misrepresented early on. They were wrong. They can say they were wrong in good faith, but telling everybody, “If you get the shot, you won’t get covid, and you definitely will not die,” neither of those things are true. If you are at risk, the shots are helpful for a period of time at reducing hospitalization and mortality, not eliminating either of those things, not even close.

And then when you’re beyond the period of efficacy, which is only a few months, then it’s almost like all bets are off. Then all of a sudden, the data changes dramatically. Here is Dr. Birx of the covid task force, under Trump. But, remember, you go to war with the virus with the CDC army you have, you know what I mean? You had this… We had how many decades of a CDC, we’re waiting for the pandemic, and finally this happens, and it was a mess. It was a mess. But here’s Dr. Birx when she was asked if the government was lying or guessing about people not getting covid, ’cause the government said, “If you get the shot, you won’t get covid,” right? That’s what the government told us, the CDC.

Here’s Birx’s response. Play 10.

BUCK: Mmm-hmm. She doesn’t know. Notice how apparently no one is responsible, and this is the danger of bureaucracies always is that they can diffuse accountability. Nobody really knows who’s responsibility, right? It’s like, you know what happens when you walk into a… Ever had the experience you walk into a government office — usually people say the DMV — I always tell you the truth. I’ve actually recently had… The last times I’ve gone to DMV, it hasn’t been that bad, hasn’t been that bad, just gonna tell you. I mean, it wasn’t great.

They weren’t giving me, like shiatsu massage and bringing me delicious cheeseburger or something, but it wasn’t bad. Wasn’t a bad situation. But I have been in government offices before where you want to shout out, “Who’s in charge here?” but you know the answer is really nobody. You say, “Well, what accountability is there for people worrying slowly, not caring, being incompetent?” There is none. They get paid the same either way. You get that sense dealing with any large bureaucracy. But you really get it when you’re talking about the CDC and the health authoritarians under covid who…

I have to keep bringing this up and reminding everybody. I was very pleased to see our friend Alex Berenson on Tucker Carlson’s very excellent show last night. I was on Sean Hannity’s very excellent TV show last night. But I was watching Fox before I went on Fox and I saw that Berenson was on. And we gotta stay on this stuff, meaning the stories of the vaccine and the mandates. They’re not done. I know people get frustrated. “Oh, Buck, come on.” Not only are they, the Fauciites, not done with you, they’re hoping that they can bring a lot of this stuff back.

I think the blue states are gonna go into seasonal mask and social distancing policies, which is stupid beyond words. It is pointless oppression and agitation of people to be some kind of anxiety-alleviation tool for neurotic libs. “I can’t see people breathing without masks on!” They need to calm down. But they won’t, and they’ll point to people like Fauci, and that’s why I think Fauci is the absolute worst. That is really… If you were writing Fauci’s bio on Twitter, it should be “Dr. Anthony Fauci and then in all capital letters beneath it “THE ABSOLUTE WORST.”

He thinks everything’s fine, though, with himself, with his response; he’s done a great job. He’s proud of all the wrong, of all the oppression, the destruction, the mental anguish, the anxiety, the fear — all of it totally unnecessary, did you not help us at all — masking, social distancing, lockdowns, and to a large extent, to a large extent, the vaccination. Totally worthless, totally worthless. Vaccines, like you said, it’s just like the flu, folks. It’s just like the flu in terms of some people should get it and everybody else should be left alone, and we go forward with life.

That’s it. We had the template, but Fauci shattered the template because the CNN, PBS, New York Times audience of coastal libs and the elites of the Democrat apparatus were, “Oh, my gosh. Covid!” And they wanted the country… Look at Joe Biden. How did we end up with this guy as president? We ended up with him as president because it was “a once-in-a-century pandemic” and “we’re all gonna die” and “Trump’s doing a terrible job,” they said, “and he’s not taking the virus seriously.” They created a maelstrom, a tornado of panic.

So they could have shoved anybody out there. Actually, they kept him in the basement during the tornado, so to speak. Actually, they just had this whole narrative. People were terrified, they just wanted change from what was going on. And Biden, for them, represented just enough change. And, please, don’t… I know I’m getting all these emails, “Oh, but he didn’t really win” or whatever. He’s the president now. What do you want me to do? (laughing) He’s sitting in 1600 Pennsylvania. He is the president. So, this is what they managed to pull off, whether it was ethical or…

It wasn’t ethical. Whether it was legal or not, fair or not? Well, that’s a whole other conversation. But they managed to pull this off because of the panic that was created. Oh, I mentioned Fauci. (impression) “I can’t let you go off for your weekend with your big celebration of a good Supreme Court decision without letting you know I am still lingering in the background ready at a moment’s notice to give you your eighth or ninth vaccination shot. That’s the one that really helps! That’s where maybe the super powers kick in. Can you see through walls? I don’t know. Let’s try shot number 9. Perhaps the laser eyes where you can cut open a steel safe? There’s no data to support this, but let’s see.”

Here he is. Play clip 12.

BUCK: (impression) “All is well with Fauci, who is a stunningly handsome and suave man as you will see on his thousands and thousands of media appearances over the last couple of years. Fauci’s still got that swagger. Ruined the country during covid but still got that Fauci swagger.”

Yep. Pretty much.

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