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President Biden’s Appalling Abortion Address

BUCK: Joe Biden is gonna be addressing the nation here shortly. He tends to run very late. We’ll take some of it live so you can hear it. You’ll know everything that he has to say in the first 60 seconds or so. We’ll maybe play him for a minute or two so you can hear where he’s going with this. He’s gonna do his (muttering), “You know, feel the country. I’m here — and women, you know, no joke! This is rough day — and women, you know, not a joke, folks!

“Women, you know, the rights and the freedom and…” It’s gonna be a real mess. But then he’ll start to talk about “tyrannical, far-right judges,” and he’s gonna get nasty on this one, is my prediction. He’s not gonna take a moment here to try to cool the passions out there on the street. Biden isn’t about that. He is a total and utter fraud. This is a guy who pretends to be just about “the folks” and “sittin’ at the kitchen table” and “payin’ the bills” and all this stuff.

And then you see what he says about those actual folks, and it’s whatever is going to make the blue-haired cat ladies who are shrieking in rage and indignation outside the steps of the Supreme Court, you know, and he says whatever’s gonna make them happy because that’s what will make CNN anchors happy and that’s what will make the New York Times editorial board happy and that’s actually what matters to Joe Biden. People that are working hard for a living, that don’t live in the coast, that aren’t part of the Democrat apparatus…

Speaking of Biden, here he is, folks, addressing America. We won’t listen for too long. Tune in.

BUCK: Honestly, I think we can stop it there. I can’t take it. I almost threw up on my own feet listening to this guy. That was appalling. You know what? I want to come back. There’s so much… I was taking notes here with all of you as the president of the United States made an abject fool of himself. But he’s a moron so this is not surprising. Everything he said there was either dishonest, flimsy, inflammatory, or stupid. There’s so much here. Let me just…

Let’s just take a step back, crack our knuckles for a second here, take a deep breath. I’ll come back and explain it. “A woman’s right to choose” what, Joe? To choose what? “An intensely personal decision.” Is that a legal matter? That in the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth amendment or something? What exactly…? “The power to control their destiny,” “the fundamental right of privacy.” Did someone have a fundamental right of privacy to abuse a child? Can you be abusive toward a child because, you know, it’s in the home, it’s privacy?

Of course not. You can protect the child in the home, why can’t you protect the child in the womb, Joe? He’s the worst, folks. The absolute worst. You know, I was expecting a bad speech, but that was appalling. He’s not even making it interesting at a legal level. His legal analysis… Joe Biden does a legal analysis of a third grader who can barely read. Honestly, the fact this guy allegedly has a law degree is appalling. But there are a lot of dumb lawyers, unfortunately, running around voting Democrat. We had to hear it because the president’s addressing us on this one, but that was… Man, that was pollution for your years. But we had to know what the regime says. Now we do.


BUCK: You know they’re lying to you. If someone says, “You know, we really need to be able to have an appendectomy,” you say, “Heck, yeah!” Appendicitis, that could hurt you. You could even die, get a fever. That’s health care. You don’t say, “Well, there’s a right to freedom from a vestigial organ becoming duly infected and that’s…” No, you just say, “Appendicitis. You gotta get that taken care of. That’s inflamed.” I think you can take intravenous antibiotics for it too. That’s not the point.

You see, you talk about the actual thing you’re doing. Democrats won’t even talk about the thing. You know, if abortion makes them uncomfortable as a word, why? If it’s just “health care.” I’ll sit here all day and talk about back pain, heart surgery, health care. It’s not health care. We’re not idiots. But they say it. Joe Biden says it. I mean, Joe Biden honestly, folks, the state of Delaware, all these people that voted for Joe Biden such a long time for Senate, it’s embarrassing.

It’s a really embarrassing thing for this country. Things he says also in that speech: “Upset the balance of our law?” What does that mean, the balance of our law? You mean libs get their way, made up out of whole cloth, nothing to do with the Constitution? That’s the balance of the law? I don’t think so. Extreme ideology? Ah, half the country, give or take. And when you look at, actually, the regulations, the rules now in places like Colorado that the governor there, Polis, passing an extremely far-reaching abortion law — any reason, no reason, all nine months. The American people oppose that by 70%, 80% margin. So, yeah, I don’t think so.

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