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Biden Calls for Peace, But Enraged AOC Screams, “Into the Streets!”

BIDEN: I call on everyone, no matter how deeply they care about this decision, to keep all protests peaceful, peaceful, peaceful, peaceful. No intimidation. Violence is never acceptable. Threats and (sputters) intimidation are not speech. We must stand against violence in any form regardless of your rationale.

BUCK: That was the president — just about, what, 45 minutes ago — saying that he doesn’t want there to be violence. It’s the right thing to say. So there’s that. I don’t think it’ll stop any of the lunatic Democrats who are calling for “a night of rage” from doing what they’re gonna do. The fliers, the social media organizing of lunatic leftists is already underway. By the way, welcome back to Clay and Buck. This is Buck Sexton. Clay Travis, my esteemed cohost, will be calling in at the top of the next hour to share his thoughts on this momentous day.

And I know I’m doing a lot of analysis of the politics and the law and all that. But honestly, for those of you who have been pro-life for decades — for those of you who have donated either time or money to pro-life causes or just stood with your church or whatever, the center of your pro-life universe who are big pro-life personally — it’s just a great day. It’s not the end of the struggle for life, but just allow yourself to feel that it is a good day. It took decades to get to this point.

And there are a lot of people who — and I think for them they know the most important thing is the reality of what today means with the overturning of Roe v. Wade. Here I am on radio all across the country getting to say, “Roe v. Wade is done,” that just legal and ethical monstrous is done. And that should feel really good, all of you across the country should just take a moment, think about that and say, “Wow. It is possible to at least live in a more just, a more moral and decent America.” Now, that doesn’t mean that it’s obviously even on this issue all settled and done.

Not by a long shot. But now things are going to change. You’re going to see a change in attitude. And I think give it a couple of generations and we shall see a very different feeling about the issue of life, now that we can really have it out in public. ‘Cause now they have to debate it. Now you’re gonna have state senators or state legislators are gonna say, “I want this,” and then somebody can oppose them and say, “Well, hold on a second. Why is that where you draw the line? Why is that the way you’re crafting this legislation?”

And they can’t just shout (smugly), “Because it’s a constitutional right!” ‘cause it’s not, and it never was. So now they gotta make the argument. Now they have to make the argument. There’s really something demonic about some of the far-left activists on this, too, the way they’re so just enraged at the prospect of more babies being born. Wow. There’s a darkness in the soul of the American left that this is exposing. So the president, though, said no violent protests. It’s fascinating.

I don’t remember for about two months there any prominent Democrats under the Trump administration when the BLM riots were happening… I don’t remember… In fact, I remember people like Chris Cuomo — oh, too bad. Remember him? — going on TV to say, “Where does it say you have to peacefully assemble or peaceably assemble?” And everybody was like, “Well, it actually says it in the Constitution.” But they were justifying the riots and the mayhem then.

Now Biden’s saying, “No, there shouldn’t be that kind of destruction,” and again, when he says the right thing… You know I’m not a leftist. I don’t just attack, attack, attack because my brain has been fried with hatred of the other side. He said the right thing. There shouldn’t be any violence or intimidation or any of that, but there will be. Why hasn’t he spoken out, for example, since the Dobbs v. Jackson draft was leaked? Lila Rose compiled this, who’s been a warrior for the cause of life here for a long time.

There were 16 churches vandalized, 16 pro-life pregnancy centers vandalized, firebombed. This is all pro-abortion activists. They firebombed four pro-life pregnancy centers and an attempted assassination of a Supreme Court justice. Does anyone even know those numbers? Think about that. Where’s all the media coverage? Well, it’s been absent of course because the same people that are convinced that a baby is not a baby at month eight of a pregnancy think that they have some constitutional right to firebomb a crisis pregnancy center for the crime of saying, “Hey, we know this is tough on women. We know this can be a challenge. We know it’s emotionally and financially draining. We’re here to help you.” There are pro-abortion activists who think that’s evil. Says a lot.

AOC is out there as of this morning right after the decision calling on people to get out into the streets. Play it.

BUCK: (impression) “Into the streets! Into the streets. Eeee!” Gonna hear a lot of this. A lot of really, honestly, very sad and unhappy women. A lot of emptiness inside. Can you imagine being so enraged as you take to the streets and maybe even engage in destruction and rioting? They haven’t done that yet, but they probably will. Some of them probably will. We’ll see. Hopefully not. All over this, all because some women have been convinced by the left that babies are some form of oppression instead of the greatest gift that a woman could ever have.

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