Expect Super Bowl LIII To Have Typical Patriots Signature Moment

malcolm butler super bowl XLIX interception

Malcolm Butler's famed Super Bowl XLIX interception. (Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — Whenever the Patriots are in the Super Bowl, it seems, there's that thing we walk away talking about.

Last year, it was the Malcolm Butler benching. Two years ago, the 28-3 comeback. Before that, Butler's game-saving interception. And don't get me started on those losses to the Giants.

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So, with the Pats readying themselves for the Rams Sunday, will this game have another "thing?" Here's what The Boston Globe's Ben Volin has to say.

"It's always crazy with the Patriots," Volin said. "I think it's guaranteed to be a one-score game. It's gonna be close 'til the end—one of the teams will be driving down the field and trying to tie it or win it, and there's always a crazy catch, and an insane instant replay review, and I don't think this year will be any different."

"Either of these teams, if they go down, they have enough firepower to be able to mount a comeback in the fourth quarter," Volin added. "This Rams offense is very tough and they're not going to go away quietly, so I don't see a blowout by any chance. I think this will be a good, tight, close game, probably a field goal game, maybe four points at the end. I do think the Patriots will come out on top."

Great. Stressful.

Pats are favored by two-and-a-half points.



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