Hear Tom Brady's English Accent In This Late Show Clip


BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — Who knew Patriots QB Tom Brady could pull of Shakespeare?

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert did a special Super Bowl-edition of their "Just One Question" segment, making offbeat queries of Patriots and Rams players before they go face to face in Super Bowl LIII this Sunday.

Brady's asked if he has any plans for his life after football.

"Yeah, after football I'm gonna play baseball, and after baseball, I'm gonna play Hamlet," he says—before launching into a pretty decent take on Hamlet's famous "To be or not to be" soliloquy.

Also in the clip: Julian Edelman muses on feeding birds, Jason and Devin McCourty try to figure out which end of the football is the front and which is the back, and Gronk turns down a suspect product endorsement.


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