Gross: Be Responsible If You Drink Or 'Smoke' During Super Bowl

Wiliam G. Gross, Boston Police Commissioner (Photo by Scott Eisen/Getty Images)

BOSTON, Mass ( WBZ NewsRadio ) — Boston Police Commissioner William Gross is urging Patriots fans to act responsibly in and around Boston over Super Bowl Weekend.

In a press conference on Friday Gross made note of this as recreational marijuana is now allowed to be sold in Massachusetts.


“If you’re consuming alcohol, act responsibly, look out for each other use public transportation or any means that includes you not driving after you’ve been drinking…or smoking…I know that some people laugh at that (chuckles) but that’s a serious matter. Let’s make sure that if you’re in such a state that it affects you being able to drive motor vehicles that you take different transportation so that it doesn’t cause harm to anyone else” Gross said.

No matter what the outcome might be Sunday night, win or lose, both Gross and Mayor Marty Walsh tell fans “to respect the city and one another as they watch the game.”

City officials have asked area bars and restaurants to restrict patron access by the end of the third quarter to avoid overcrowding or a rush that cold jeopardize safety.

In addition a number of city streets will be closed to traffic or have a parking ban according to City officials. You can check the full list here .


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