Memorial Day Weekend and In the News

Memorial Day Weekend and In the News – With Memorial Day approaching, Chris

Boyd and Jeff Perry reflect on the true meaning of Memorial Day. They highlight the

Cape Cod Cares for the Troops event happening on Sunday, May 26 th (see link below) as

they outline the excellent work done by Michelle and Dylan DeSilva. Chris and Jeff next

discuss that despite recent economic data, most Americans feel like they are living in a

recession (see related story below). Continuing with items in the news, Chris mentions

data from the last week that shows the United States level of national debt is now $34.5T

(see link below)! Chris and Jeff discuss the potential economic and political impacts that

rising debt may have, including rising taxes, entitlement reform, and reduced spending.



For more information or to reach Chris Boyd or Jeff Perry, click the below link:


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