Oak Bluffs Voters Say "NO" To Additional Funding

Oak Bluffs/No New Town Hall


At the Oak Bluffs Town Meeting on Tuesday, voters overwhelmingly approved an additional 1.3 million dollars to build a new town hall.

On Thursday, however, voters at the ballot box said “no” to the question to exclude the spending from the state tax cap -  370 to 295.

The Vineyard Gazette says that in 2017 town residents approved spending 9.9 million dollars for a new town hall, both at a town meeting and at the ballot box.

The additional funding was requested after bids for the project came in over budget during the summer, even after cost-cutting redesigns.

Several town officials expressed disappointment at Thursday’s vote with one saying the voters are a bit shortsighted, but acknowledging the taxpayers have the final word.

So now it’s back to the drawing for the project, which selectman Greg Coogan is quoted in the paper as saying, has been in the works for 27 years.

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