Yarmouth Police/Missing Woman Found

YPD/Missing Female Found


Yarmouth Police say a 23 year old woman with autism, who went missing on September 26th, was found after searchers zeroed in on an alert coming from their SafetyNet tracking unit.

The unidentified woman was having dinner with her family in West Yarmouth when she ran away.

Police were advised she had a long history of running away and was wearing a special SafetyNet bracelet which helps to locate her.

A specially trained and equipped Yarmouth Officer, using a SafetyNet tracking unit, received an alert within two minutes of using the device, indicating the woman was in the immediate area........she was found in the back parking lot of a local motel.

She told police she had been hiding from them and could see the police officers and cruisers.

She was reunited with her parents, unharmed, after approximately 45 minutes.

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