Raw Sewage Flow Into Nantucket Harbor Stopped

Raw sewage is no longer flowing into Nantucket Harbor.

Construction crews on Monday night activated the new bypass valve at the Sea Street Pump Station containing the flow of sewage to functioning sewer pipes.

National Watermain, Inc. is on the site with a camera truck. A video line will be inserted into the gravity system to help determine the cause of the failure.

Clean Harbors is also on the island to establish a clean-up and decontamination plan that meets Town and Department of Environmental Protection Specifications. The plan will be reviewed at a public information session for residents and businesses in the affected area on Wednesday at 10:30 a.m. at the Public Safety Facility at 4 Fairgrounds Road.

Street and parking restrictions remain in place in the area and the fishery remains closed to shell fishing with the exception of the harvesting of adductor muscles from sea or bay scallops.

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