10 Arrested in Drug Trafficking Organization

10 individuals with connections to the Fraga Drug Trafficking Organization were arrested by Massachusetts State Police earlier this week.

The arrests came after a three year long investigation of Kevin Fraga and his brother, Alex.

Back in March, police intercepted telephone communications between the brothers and co-conspirators, and learned James Ramirez of Dorchester was supplying the men with large quantities of fentanyl, heroin and cocaine for distribution.

Officers obtained search warrants and seized approximately 6 kilos of heroin-fentanyl, 1 kilo of cocaine, 4500 fentanyl pills disguised as Percocet’s, and 6 firearms.

At that time, officers arrested all three individuals including two others.

Investigators have since established probable cause to arrest middle and lower level members of the Fraga Drug Trafficking Organization; warrants were issued for 10 individuals for conspiracy to distribute a class A substance – heroin.

On Tuesday, officers executed the warrants and arrested: Tiarah Geggatt, Michael Quest, Brittany Poillucci, Lucas Dos Santos, Marcos Silva-Feijao, Sergio Banach, Timothy Daffinee, Katherine Sullivan, Allen Beckwith, and Justin Irwin.

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