Measles Virus in Massachusetts/Cape Cod Connection

Measles/Cape Connection


Cases of measles have been cropping up all over the country for the past few weeks and now the virus is in Massachusetts.

The measles exposure took place in the greater Boston area at the end of March.

The unnamed individual involved gave health officials a detailed list of where they have been over past few days and one of those places is here on Cape Cod.

The person was at the Whole Foods store in Hyannis for approximately two hours last Thursday between 11:55 A.M. and 2:05 P.M. and anyone in the store at the same time could have been exposed to the illness, which is transmitted through the air. The virus can also live on contaminated surfaces for up to two hours.

Health officials say if you have been vaccinated against the disease, the likelihood of you contracting the virus is slim.

If you haven’t been vaccinated and were in Whole Foods last Thursday, you might want to check with your doctor.

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